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Apr 24, 2019

Many college students seem baffled or even outraged by opinions that differ from their own. We hear phrases like safe spaces, trigger warnings, and virtue signaling. What’s going on? Has the same psychology that caused religious persecutions returned? Has it infected the majority of students and faculty across the country, or just a vocal few? Guest Donald Boudreaux joins hosts James Harrigan and Antony Davies to sift through the loudest arguments coming from our nation’s universities in this week’s episode of Words & Numbers. 

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Show Notes: 

Nuclear fusion

Artificial intelligence

Cancer cure

Longevity gene

Cure for bubble boy disease

Brian Lamb retiring

Foolishness of the week:

San Francisco: Poop in the streets

Washington DC: Homelessness

Seattle is dying

Topic of the week: Silencing Dissent

Donald Boudreaux

Donald Boudreaux on Brett Kavanaugh and GMU

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