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Jul 11, 2018

Why are we debating the Supreme Court nominees as much as we are? Unbelievably, written requirements of the Supreme Court are non-existent. Where the Constitution lists age and experience requirements for both presidential and congressional candidates, only a tiny paragraph describes what the third branch of government should look like. All of those standards and regulations you think are law? None have been put in writing anywhere. In fact, judicial review, one of the most important parts of a Supreme Court Justice’s job, only started in 1803, established following the ruling of Marbury v. Madison. Join Antony Davies and James Harrigan this week as they discuss the surprising standards set for Supreme Court Justice candidates.

Show Notes:

North Korea executes a General for giving food to soldiers’ families

The United States fines people for giving food to the poor

Black men are succeeding in America

Foolishness of the week

Americans ask the FAA to regulate seat size

Topic of the week: The Supreme Court

Sotomayor on the idea of a living constitution

Scalia on the idea of a living constitution
Congressional job approval

Agreement rates among Supreme Court Justices